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Your body rituals will begin with a deep pore-cleansing exfoliation using Pure Fiji sugar polish and finish with a signature Exotic Oil or a Coconut Body Butter. To repair, nourish and hydrate the deepest layers of your skin. 


Moringa Detox (Detoxifying ~ Hydrating ~ Smoothing)


Moringa is a nutrient dense oil extremely rich in phytonutrients with dazzling notes of zesty mandarin, fresh mulberry, crisp bergamot, and patchouli. This fruity floral infusion will revitalise your senses. Moringa Detox will protect your skin from free racial damage and pollutants, by flushing away toxins. This is prefect for all men and women needing to repair and detoxify their stress, tired, dull skin. 

Guava Glow (Anti Ageing ~ Radiance ~ Brightening)


Guava is an invigorating aroma of exotic fruit with sparking berry notes that will uplift your spirits. Guava Glow is rich in anti-oxidant containing natural vitamin C that boosts collagen production. This intoxicating blend will leave you feeling smoother, toned and glowy. Perfect for the bride to be or any special occasion.

The Nourishing Coconut Milk & Honey (Firming ~ Toning~ Tightening)


Coconut Milk and Honey is a mango flowers and rainforest flora blend that will take you away to paradise. This gentle yet tantalising treatment will hydrate, repair and regenerate your skin. Suffering from stretch marks? Is your skin dry, dehydrated or sensitive? The Nourishing Coconut Milk and Honey is perfect for you! This treatment is also safe during pregnancy and post pregnancy for its nourishing, toning and firming benefits. Pamper and spoil all the mothers out there.

The Coconut Milk Quench (Hydrating ~ Repairing ~ Healing)


Coconut Milk blend is a gentle aroma of cold pressed virgin coconut, macadamia, dilo and sikeci. These four ingredients make up Pure Fiji's hero blend known for its healing and nourishing benefits. The Coconut Milk Quench is for everyone even for the most sensitive skin types. This treatment is super hydrating and your skin will look good and feel good!

Royal Indulgence Body Wrap (Revitalise ~ Refresh ~ Nourish)


Rejuvenate yourself from head to toe with a full body exfoliation, body cocoon, scalp massage and finish with a body nourishing treatment.  The actives of the Coconut Lime Blossom, Dilo Leaf and Almond Hydrosol will leave your skin feeling smoother, refreshed and nourished. The Royal Indulgence is deeply relaxing and deep cleansing to revitalise your soul. Perfect for any  occasion and a real pamper for your entire body!

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