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Essential Facial 60min


This facial is designed to get to know your skin and tailor the treatment to address your specific skin concerns. It includes BT- Micro Infusion that alleviates results. Whether it is hydration, congestion, acne, age repair, uneven skin tone or brightening. This facial is for all skin types.

Problem Solver Facial 60min


This facial uses a Hydro-dermabrasion device to achieve clearer, smoother and more even skin. Hydro-dermabrasion resurface and refine your skin through the process of deeply removing dead skin cells to aid skin turn over. This facial aims to de-congest and to promote a smoother radiant complexion.

LED Rejuvenation Facial 60min


Utilising scientific benefits of LED Light Therapy, this Rejuvenation Facial will target specific skin concerns such as acne, age repair and radiance. The accumulative benefits of the Red Light treatment will improve your skin function and establish a healthy skin barrier. It will soften fine lines, wrinkles by boosting collagen and elastin production. LED Blue Light will treat acne and clear breakouts by inhibiting acne causing bacteria and inflammation. LED Therapy will strengthen your skin, reserve tissue damage, and promote skin healing and repair. This ultimate facial will leave your skin looking clearer and feeling plumper, purified and radiant.

Total Rejuvenation Facial 75min


Recharge and reboot your skin renewal system by enjoying the full benefits of both Hydro-dermabrasion and LED Therapy. This Total Rejuvenation Facial will bring your skin back to life with instant glow and youthfulness.  

PB Signature Indulgence Facial 90min


PB Signature Indulgence Facial is the ultimate pamper for your skin! It incorporates the PB signature facial massage to infuse your tailored skin bio-actives. It is deeply relaxing and melts away muscle tension held in your face, neck, décolletage and shoulders. Allowing you to drift off feeling light and de-stressed. Then, whilst your customised mask is doing its work, your therapist will perform a hand, arm and scalp massage to further melt away your daily stresses.

Gua Sha Lift Facial 60min


Gua Sha is a traditional Chinese technique using precious stones as a tool to detoxify your skin by encouraging lymphatic drainage. This Gua Sha Lift Facial will give you an 'instant facelift'. It will soften fine lines and wrinkles leaving your skin feeling toned and lifted. It does this by muscle relaxation, releasing fluid retention, and encouraging blood flow and circulation. Gua Sha will boost your skin's vitality! Those suffering dark under-eye circles, puffiness, loss of skin firmness, headaches and loss of sleep - this facial is for you! 

Ultimate Sculpt and Lift Facial 90min


Utilising Suzuki Sequencing True Microcurrent technology developed by Bio-Therapeutic, this BT-Sculpting device is safe, gentle and is non-invasive. It sculpts, lifts and firms your skin. The low level of energy emitted is compatible and mirror our own natural electrical signature. Igniting cellular energy (ATP) that recharges your youthful glow, by stimulating collagen and elastin production.  This Ultimate Sculpt and Lift Facial incorporates the benefits of hydro-dermabrasion, BT-Sculpting, Hyaluronic Delivery Mask and LED therapy. Treat your skin to the ultimate lift! 

Blue Energising Facial 60min


This Blue Energising Facial is non-invasive and has no down time. It is safe and pain free. It uses Suzuki Sequencing True Microcurrent technology developed by Bio-Therapeutic. It incorporates a Blue Hyaluronic Repair Mask that is copper infused. Perfect for those looking to nourish, firm and repair skin damage. This facial will re-energise your skin’s cellular powerhouse. Igniting cellular energy (ATP) that recharges collagen and elastin synthesis. This facial is for everyone looking for a boost in hydration and those seeking skin luminosity and skin health. Blue Energy Facial includes hydro-dermabrasion, BT-Sculpting, and Hyaluronic Repair Mask.

RF Anti-Aging Facial 60min


This is an advance anti-aging facial using Radio Frequency (RF) together with Dynamic Muscle Activation (DMA) technology. This facial is designed to improve skin tone, lift and contour the face and jawline. The Multi-RF uses optimal heat temperature to warm up the dermis to stimulate collagen and elastin production. While the DMA technology emits gentle electrical current to encourage blood flow, muscle repair and memory. TriPollar Radio Frequency is the key to achieving youthful-looking skin without the use of invasive treatments. RF Anti-Aging Facial includes hydro-dermabrasion and TriPollar RF+DMA treatment. 

TriPollar Age Repair Facial 90min


This ultimate RF Age Repair Facial, you enjoy all the benefits of the hydro-dermabrasion, TriPollar Multi-RF+DMA technology, Hyaluronic Delivery Mask, and LED Therapy. Radio Frequency unlocks the natural healing powers of the skin, by boosting collagen production, improve skin tone and texture. This is the ultimate facial is for any occasion to enhance skin vitality.

Express Facials


Pressed for time? Pure Beauty has you covered! Enjoy a quick pick me up to clarify, brighten and smooth out your imperfections with a 45min LED Therapy or 30min Hydro - dermabrasion facial.  The Express Facial includes a cleanse, specialised therapy, and finishes with a hydration treatment to address all your skin needs. 

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